Visual Communication

That’s graphic design to its core. Logo design, web design, and print material to name a few. Consistently applying visual communication to establish a brand is vitally important to every business. At KD Branding, we understand that. We understand that the perception a customer has about your business is their reality. Every entity, whether Coca-Cola or Starbucks, your local bank, your startup business, KD Branding too, or even you as a person, we all visually communicate a brand to our customers, whether intended or not.

KD Branding is here to apply our creative expertise to make the message your company visually communicates intentional. Focusing on logos as the cornerstone of a brand, a logo represents your business and creates an association with your customers. A professional logo consistently applied as a centerpiece of a corresponding brand puts you in the driver’s seat for the impression that you will create. After all, impressions do matter™.

KD Branding

We are a creative studio dedicated to brand development through modern and contemporary graphic design. Specializing in visual identities and logo design, with a wide array of complementary experience in web design and graphic communication, including business cards, brochures, and posters, we are a small business that’s proudly accessible to clients and businesses of every type and size. We are flexible and focus on project based pricing that meets the scale and desires of each client. Just let us know what you want, we will review the project and requirements of each customer to create a flat all-inclusive project cost. Our commitment is to directly and honestly transform our creative passion into a brand asset that you will display with pride!

Memorable graphics and exceptional design; KD Branding is supporting business, organizations, and individuals to develop strong visual identities and valuable brand assets. Break away from the from the crowd, establish the brand your company deserves, and unleash your identity™!


Visual Identity

-Logo design or redesign
business card

Graphic Design

-Postcard, Flyer & Brochure
-Menu design
-Poster design
-Car, truck or van wrap
-Product packaging and labels

Website Design

-Web page design
-User interface / user experience
-HTML5 & CSS3 compliance
-Responsive Mobile & Tablet Versions


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