From time to time I plan to share some of my design experiences with you. In this entry, I wanted to give you an idea of the logo design process and how it works. Whether you represent a startup wanting to learn about logo design or are like me, just a curious designer, I wanted to share some of my own experiences… Here is one of them:

Greater Orlando (GO), a construction company, reached out in need of a professional visual identity redesign. They had a design concept already, but they weren’t completely satisfied. GO was looking for a logo that can represent their name and their services in which they specialized in single & multi-family residential new construction and re-models.

I know opinions vary about the right amount of direction from a client, but in this case I had full creative freedom based on their trust in our conversations and my previous work, which was perfect for this particular design.

The idea was to provide a simple, flat, and modern logo that incorporates their company’s name, also known as a letter mark logo design. In their case the logo design contains their proposed initials (GO), albeit visible primarily when studying the design. Since they are focused on multifamily remodels I wanted to allude to the shape of a house somehow. I took their initials and put them in a perspective that looks like an object (like a house or a small building), leaving just the outline so it resembles a home under construction.

I made the logo design in Adobe Illustrator from scratch, following my typical creative steps during the process (more on that later!). Why do I think/know that this logo is good? Easy: it’s simple, memorable and fits the company. 🙂