How am I involved in the design process?

Do you know exactly what you want? Or do you need our creative input? Either way! We will discuss each project in detail from the onset, just be sure to provide us as much information as possible. Once started, for each milestone or draft you will be asked to review the design and provide feedback. We expect revisions and build them into our proposals; therefore, we will work through your feedback to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

So how do I get my design? I hear vector files are the way to go…

We will deliver your design in any widely available non-proprietary file type as well as the standard Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop files. So YES, you get an EPS file (vector file from Illustrator) for designs such as logos. Print material can be that or a PSD file (Photoshop file). For web design, we deliver designs in PSD and for many clients we can perform the website development too. We will also provide designs in other formats requested, including common file types such as jpeg/jpg, pdf, png, and many more.

Kay, you made a great design, but who “owns” it? (You know, all of that Copyright stuff!)

Quite simply, you do. Once we receive your final payment then the Copyright is all yours. However, we do retain the right to utilize any work for promotional purposes. That means that we would like to show off some work in our portfolio, for example.

Time is important, so when can I expect my work to be completed?

The best answer is that it depends. However, as you can see in our testimonials, we promise to turn around projects quickly! It is one of the benefits of an agile freelance studio. Once we have the details about your project we will communicate a timeline to suit your needs. If there is a pressing need we can even turn around small projects in as quickly as a day. So, don’t shy away if you have a tight timeline, contact Kay now!

I want options! How many do I get?

We love providing our customers with a range of concepts. The creative design process naturally churns out variations as ideas come to mind. Unless otherwise specified, our process will typically generate multiple designs: 3 logos and 2-3 stationary, flyer, or poster designs. Websites are an iterative process and not provided in multiple design concepts. Other projects generally include at least two designs. Revisions are expected, so each option is a starting point. On the rare case that you are not satisfied, we will ask you to provide detailed feedback to us and we can design one more.

So, how many revisions can I get anyway?

Simply put: as many as you want over a number of feedback sessions. Because of our project based pricing structure, you don’t have to sweat out the revisions. Revisions are unlimited to a reasonable extent – we simply request that a single design concept or two are selected and your complete feedback is delivered altogether. We usually propose a few iterations, which we like to call ‘sessions’, of gathering feedback… Since we want you to like your design, we will work to revise it until you are satisfied over these sessions!

Let’s cut to the chase, how much do you charge?

We believe simple project based pricing is the best for everyone. It just makes sense: you don’t have to rely on the accuracy of an “estimate”, you won’t pay extra for a one-size-fits-all standard price, and you won’t be paying for our coffee breaks through hourly rates. It is simple, just let us know what project you have in mind and we will provide to you a flat all-inclusive price including revisions. No gimmicks, just professionally trained graphic design at a low cost tailored to your project. We are flexible, contact us to discuss your needs and we are confident that we have a solution for you.

Great price! Do you require a deposit?

We frequently waive the deposit for small or simple projects and we never charge for consultation or quotes! For larger or complex projects, logos, and web design/development, a 50% deposit will be necessary. We work with individuals and business of all sizes and budgets, so we understand that for startups or a small family business it is important to be sure money is well spent. We don’t require payment in full until approval of the final proof! Don’t worry, consultation and quotes are still complimentary and we always promise a fair, competitive price and fast turnaround regardless of project size. We are flexible, just contact Kay for more information or special requests. We believe the key to good business is building a comfortable relationship with integrity and responsive service, it would be our pleasure to quote your project with no obligation or pressure!

I am starting a brand and I don’t know what I need… Can you help?

You’re perfect. We love the creative freedom and flexibility to help build your brand. We can discuss options, pricing, and benefits for any service you might need and any budget. We don’t limit our brand development to only what you will like, we build your visual identity around what your customers will relate with, what will help your business grow. And we often present logos or graphic designs in a mock up and we enjoy explaining the subtle design cues or reasoning behind our creations, and how that can be leveraged in your brand. This will be fun, let’s build something together!

I love it, but where do I print it?

While we aren’t a print company ourselves, Kay has networked with printing companies throughout her career, so we would love to provide any advice that you may need! We can also coordinate various printing ourselves at a reasonable rate, especially for business cards. Often we can even extend special pricing by leveraging our relationships. Regardless, we recommend shopping around; you will be surprised how much prices vary…

I am not nearby so can we still work together?

Of course! I have worked with customers across the US. Since you have internet connectivity to be reading this FAQ, you have everything that you need. All the internet technology is at our fingertips 🙂

Hmm, what exactly is logo design anyway?

Logos are frequently the centerpiece to your brand identity. It captures the eye, makes a statement to your customer, and marks your presence. Almost every business has one: the Nike swoosh, the Coca-Cola script, the McDonalds “M”, or a simple yet expressive logo like Amazon with elements of a smile, arrow, and “a to z” subtly mixed into their text. Check that one out! They can be Wordmark logos based unique typographic text. They can be Iconmark such as the Nike swoosh or Apple Computer. They can be a combination of both. Basically, they can be as simple and subtle or complex and prominent as you want. We are glad you asked! Logo design is one of our specialties; we love it!

What about web design and web development?

Short answer: we do both! Just looking for a design and have your own developer? No problem. Want us to build your complete website from scratch? Easy, and just like our graphic design you can expect high quality and low cost. Whatever you need or want – even if you are not sure – let us know.

Thanks for answering my questions, but I am still not sure if graphic design is even necessary for me...

Imagine… When you first pick up a business card, open a website or glance at a flyer, you immediately establish a first impression. Take it a step further: beautiful posters, tasteful magazine spreads, eye-catching logos, sharp and professional websites, these are what influences most first time customers. As we like to say “perception is reality” so make sure to present a brand that customers will give a chance. Graphic design can help get them through the door. After that, it’s up to you to keep those customers! Think about the last time you gave a new company a try? First impressions are powerful. Graphic design, logo design, and web design will make a surprising difference. Give it a try, upgrade to professional designs with KD Branding, and unleash your identity™!

I need more information!

We are here to help and make your experience positive, so contact Kay today. Don’t be shy 🙂

I noticed the cat and your slogan; I’m curious, what’s the story?

For Kay while growing up in Serbia, pets were infrequently allowed indoors. Occasionally an exception was made for cats which luckily her family allowed in their home. So, owing to a couple childhood kittens, she developed a sense of fondness for cats and their occasionally affable yet independent nature. Domestic cats and their wilder distant relatives are sleek and graceful hunters, flexible and fast, attentive by nature, and powerful relative to their size. Most of all their nature is not casually leashed. This mentality fit Kay’s concept for designing a brand; the concept of unleashing an identity to stand out from the crowd with an inherent and graceful presence. With the launch of KD Branding, “UNLEASH YOUR IDENTITY™” was born. With her creative passion as a springboard, Kay strives to breathe life into each brand, letting its visual identity roam free to claim its place in the wild world of business, networking, and competition. We know that impressions do matter, that perception is reality, and that your visual identity is a large factor in establishing both. Let’s break out your brand together, let’s UNLEASH YOUR IDENTITY™!