Bright Watch is an insurance company specializing in Home Security. Their goal is to provide homeowners with alarm systems and location monitoring.

The logo design we created for them is mainly a typography style logo that doubles as a symbol. As a result, we have vertical and horizontal logo designs that can easily be imported to different platforms and medias, such as business cards, websites, car wraps, brochures and more, making it a very versatile design.

An abstract lock and camera symbol, portraying a message of security, form to make the letter “g” in the company name, Bright Watch.

The logo colors are blue and gray. Blue is often associated with stability and symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and dependability. Gray, a neutral color, is used to help the blue stand out in order to reinforce the feelings associated with it.

Our focus was on creating a feeling of stability with this logo in every area. So we used squares and rectangles in the stationary, which is also simple and easy to remember, to balance it out and place the emphasis on “security”.