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Cup of coffee on black

Project Description

Marina Coffee Company, a startup coffee company, was seeking a new visual identity to target marina tourists and enthusiasts.


About the company

Marina Coffee Company provides specialty, whole-bean roasted coffee. Their product has a niche and is trying to break into the fishing and boating tourism industry, which is one of the reasons why their name is “Marina.”


The problem

This startup was looking for something that would immediately catch people’s eye and make them think “Wow, this brand is about both fishing and coffee.” By having its well-defined niche and focusing on a specific target, the company was ready to position itself as a leader in the coffee industry. Now, we just needed to create visuals to reflect this niche and connect the brand with its potential consumers.


The solution

Aventive created a brand identity that showcases Marina Coffee Company’s unique value. The logo design consists of a coffee bean and fish merging together which is clever, timeless, and memorable. We kept the logo in black not just to allude to coffee, but because the color black represents strength, seriousness, power and a little bit of mystery. The typography we choose evokes a sense of enjoyment, relaxation, and flexibility -- qualities that consumers associate with fishing.

Logo Design Concept and Ideas for a coffee shop
Coffee company logo negative
MC fonts
Concepts of icons
Sign with a logo for a coffee
Beans and coffee, branding
Stationery for a brand new coffee shop
Coffee cups to go with a fish coffee logo
3D sign
Making a coffee
Logo design and coffee cup
Coffee cups amazing photo
Logo presentation for a coffee shop
Coffee beans and a logo above

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