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logo design header 3D

Project description

This client was a startup looking to stand out in the crowded home security market, and they came to us for assistance with branding and visual identity.


About the company

Bright Watch is an insurance company specializing in home security. Their goal is to provide homeowners with alarm systems and location monitoring.


The problem

The company has numerous competitors in Austin, Texas, so our predominant goal was to position their brand as a leading company in their industry. We also needed to define their target market and create their brand attributes and voice.


The solution

After developing their brand strategy where we defined user profiles and business goals, we focused on creating a feeling of stability starting with a foundational logo design first. An abstract lock and camera symbol, portraying a message of security, form to make the letter “g” in the company name. If we look at the psychology of colors, blue is often associated with stability and symbolizes trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and dependability. Gray, a neutral color, is used to help the blue stand out in order to reinforce the feelings associated with it. Besides the logo, we helped Bright Watch with stationery design, typography, business cards, a brand board, and other visuals.

Logo Design for a security company
Logo colors presentation
fonts for a logo
Logo and Symbol
business cards design 3D
Pattern logo
Stationery design
White camera
Branding stationery design BW
BW white logo
Icon logo design
Typography logo design for a home security logo

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