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Jewelry Store Logo Design girl

Project Description

LEOR was seeking support with its branding including its logo design, styled imagery and fonts (brand board), business cards, website design, and a comprehensive strategy behind their visuals.


About the company

LEOR is a jewelry store that provides high end jewelry, timepieces, art and exotic handbags. As a luxury player in the fashion industry, their company targets trendsetters, Hollywood, affluent executives, and socialites.


The problem

Every aspect of the brand’s visuals needed to look luxurious, modern, clean, contemporary and attractive to fit the company’s vision and catch the attention of the company’s affluent clientele.


The solution

Aventive Studio fashioned a black and white logo design for LEOR that is contemporary yet timeless. The logo typography is elegant, it evokes images of the luxury products and customer experience they provide, and it speaks to their target. Aventive Studio also worked to ensure the company’s photography, website design, flyers, jewelry boxes, gift bags, and other visual materials aligned with their modern and affluent brand attributes.

Jewelry logotype
Stationery design for a fashion company
Jewelry photo
Logo Design, positive negative LEOR
Store front sign with a logo
Logo applications
Woman with a jewelry bag and logo on it
Billboard poster design
Jewelry store logo design LEOR

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