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Kapani & Verma logo design presentation

About the brand:

Kapani & Verma is an apparel company that needed a new look for its growing brand. K&V was founded in 2016 by an international designer whose goal was to provide amazing and fashionable pieces of clothing for people between the ages of 25 and 50. Her company was looking for a simple, classy, and appealing design that people could relate to easily since the company’s focus was to produce minimal and functional apparel designs for medium to high end customers.


Project description:

The project started by identifying the company’s ideal client, defining the brand voice that would attract K&V’s target market, and translating those features into visuals that people could recognize, remember and recommend.

We wanted to make an iconic logo that could be either paired with the full name of the company or simply be used by itself, as they planned to use it on shoes, t-shirts, labels, and other products. We made the symbol from their initials K&V. It has a strong but elegant feel to it. Since it takes a person only a few seconds to decide whether they like a certain brand, we wanted to make this logo stand out when it’s in a shop next to so many competing brands. It needed to be striking and memorable.

The symbol K&V doesn’t follow a current fad that will be gone next year; rather, it is styled to stay relevant and classy for many years to come.

As for the color, we decided to stay with black and white since it was eye-catching. Our design team felt that color would just detract from the shape itself without attracting additional attention.

This creative letter mark is a minimalistic and simple logo that can be scaled to any size, and it’s easy to implement in designs and branding. This logo works well with business cards, big banners, and a host of other marketing options.

Fashion clothing portfolio design
Logo design for a clothing company on a shirt
graphic and logo design KV
black and white logo on a box
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Logo design for a fashion clothing company
Fashion design branding logo
KV metalic business card
KV Bag with logo
KV logo design portfolio

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