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MELD Coworking logo blue

Project description

MELD Coworking, a new coworking space, was seeking the complete branding experience (both internal and external).


About the company

MELD Coworking is a shared office space for small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers in Austin, Texas. It boasts amenities and productivity features for the modern professional, all from an accessible and collaborative workspace.


The problem

MELD Coworking was a brand-new startup. Because the company was starting its branding from scratch, they had no previous brand recognition from their target, no visual identity, no user profiles defined, and no clear brand voice.


The solution

Aventive Studio provided MELD with its full suite of branding, design and strategy services.

We developed a road map for MELD to reach its goals. We helped them with brand strategy which includes: brand positioning (how to stand out from the competition), brand attributes and voice (how to look and sound to others), business goals, competitor analysis, target profiles, and content strategy (text + images).

Then we designed a logo to reflect their namesake “meld” that's defined as merging or blending (synonyms: mesh, blend, merge, combine). The M represents the melding of multiple people and environments into one workplace: office desks, coworkers, separate businesses, etc.

After the logo design, our team designed MELD’s website, flyers, business cards, and gift cards.

Lastly, we worked to improve their SEO, social media strategy, blog posts and content, and digital marketing.

Aventive Studio, already creatively engaged, pitched in to design the whole interior and exterior of the office space as well.

Color for branding
business cards design 3D
Stationery Design for MELD Coworking
Logo Design horizontal MELD Coworking
Brand Identity
Stationery Design & Branding applied
Brochure for MELD Coworking
Coworking for entrepreneurs
Web design pricing
website design for a coworking in Austin
Landing Page Design
Flyer designs for a coworking space
Flyer Design
Shared Workspace Web design
Mobile pricing page coworking
Contact Page web design
Coworking space with people
MELD Coworking photos
Coworking space in Austin
Logo Design - MELD Coworking

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