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Project description:

The company Earth’s Organics was looking to rebrand. They had been in business for a few years before they reached out to us looking for new visual identity, professional logo design, and product labels to attract clients in order to grow their brand.


About the company:

Earth’s Organics makes organic bath and body products such as scrubs, soaps, and lotions. Their brand caters to the upscale market of professional women who shop at natural grocery stores.


The problem:

Earth’s Organics had a challenge with positioning, brand identity, and justifying the quality of their products to consumers. Our main goal was to create a memorable visual identity for them that stood out from the competition and attracted the right clients who were willing to pay for their high-quality body products.


The solution:

We collaborated with Earth’s Organics to understand the company’s overall business goals. With this insight, we researched their target market and identified how to style Earth’s Organics stand out from the competition. After thorough analysis, we decided to completely rebrand the company (including changing the name) so their products could be more appealing to the user profiles we defined. As part of this rebranding, we created completely new designs for their products, logo, and visual identity. These new designs are intentionally minimalistic, timeless, and memorable so that Earth’s Organics can grow and scale their business.

Colors for a logo
Logo design thought process
Stationery design layout
Earth's Organics - Logo Design Presentation
Facial lotions
Cosmetics mockup with EO logo
Bath bombs EO
Logo sketch angled
Earth Organics facial scrub design
Cosmetic products and stationery
EO logo with slogan

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