Have you heard about the KD Branding referral program?


It’s easy! Every business needs a logo, business cards, and a website… Let your friends know about us and you can earn cash or discounts (it’s up to you) by taking advantage of our referral program.

This is a double-sided referral program, where you will get your choice of 5% in cash or 10% off in services, and your friend will also get 5% off their services.

We have all been there, a lot of great ideas for starting a business but a few steps away from bridging those dreams into reality. Not only can you help your friends find some creative support for a new logo, some business cards, a new website or even a whole brand refresh, but we will reward you for sharing in return! Tell them about KD Branding and have them mention your name to us to receive their 5% discount. We will return the favor and pay you!

How does it work?


1. Refer us to your friends (the old-fashioned way!) or share us on social media (links below!)

a) Old-fashioned: Tell them in person, over the phone, however you want! When they contact us, have them mention your name (and company)

b) Social media: Use the links below to post this on your social media and let your friends know to reference your name! When a friend clicks on your post they will get a contact page where they can let us know who referred them.

2. They contact us, and if/when they become a new client we will reach out to ask you how you would like to be paid for it!

3. Win / Win / Win – we start a new project, you get rewarded, your friend grows their business with a better logo, website… and a discount too!


Rewards for referrals are paid in one of two ways:

  • Cash: you get 5% cash while your friend gets a 5% discount on the total referred project price (if a logo design was $800 you get $40 cash and your friend will only pay $760; if a website design was $3000 you get $150 cash and your friend only pays $2850)
  • Services: 10% off your future total project price (if your logo design is $800 you pay just $720; if your website was $3000 you pay just $2700) and your friend still gets 5% off their project.


Reward your best referrers?


That’s right! The % grows with every new referral by 2.5%.

For example, you are rewarded 5% in cash for the first one, it will be 7.5% for the second referral, and 10% for the third one…

If you send us 10 successful referrals you will get 50% in cash for the largest referral (any one of those 10) or one free service that we offer (of your choice)!


• Cash commission (or Services discount) is only given upon a successful referral after the referred client pays their account in full.
• Cash rewards are paid via PayPal or check.


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Kay Dee