Website Design


Every business needs a website. You’re here, right? The world of the internet is quickly becoming essential for businesses of all sizes. Your customers use it for everything; finding your company, reviewing your services, purchasing your products, contacting you, the list goes on and on! 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, websites are your customer’s primary portal into your company. Clearly, professional website design is vital.

And just like with graphic design, the quality and impression created by your website is a critical factor in promoting your business. It speaks volumes.

Here are some considerations for your website design:


Nowadays people search for products or services online. When they access your website they are interested in what you have to offer. If they aren’t interested in what they see within the first few seconds, they will simply hit “back” and they’ll look for your competitors. In fact, that is a common measurement for web traffic analysts, they even have a name for it: bounce rate. First impressions do matter!

Branding and Identity

As always, branding is important here too. Website design establishes the framework of the consistent message to your customers or clients. If your company has a logo (and it should have), your logo must be visible and on your main page (landing page) for confirmation that your customer arrived at the right website and to reinforce your brand image. With brand consistency your website will contain your logo and standard fonts, colors, messaging, and imagery. That’s where we are here to help!

Technical Details

And don’t stop with a visually appealing website. That is a key feature, of course, but it simply is not enough. Of course it will also need all of the gritty in-the-weeds details: to be well built, calibrated for mobile and all common web browsers, optimized for search engines, and scalable for the future with modern technology. Not to fear, we will help with that too! But just as important as the visual statement and aforementioned underlying technical details, is whether your website is user friendly?


Having a well-designed and user friendly website factors into the impression as well. A frustrated user is likely to have a poor perception of your company. Keep in mind that for a customer or client, perception is reality! Consider these questions from a user’s perspective: How quickly can you find the content that you are looking for? Are user interactions on your website quick and easy? Good usability means that the website doesn’t make its presence felt. It communicates your brand and engages the user, but it doesn’t get in the way. As they say, sometimes less is more.


Also consider that people are busy. They don’t have time nor the patience to be on your website for long. They leave quickly if they can’t find information they are looking for. It is vitally important for a website to have a good navigation. Every single page has to be “easy to use”. These days your website is like a virtual business card. It is a basic requirement for a modern successful business and it has taken an integral role in the consumer decision process. Even if a client or customer has met you already, or they got a referral for you, they will still go to your website to “check it out”.


Content is king! If you don’t have a copywriter who creates your content, you should think about hiring one, or you should invest a lot of effort into it. Be sure to keep the content on-point, relevant, and fit seamlessly with your brand’s identity and theme. Just like with your graphic design, your message should fit the theme of the branding you have established. Especially on the landing page, your message must be simple and engaging, while still memorable and welcoming. There are plenty of other areas on your website that users can review all the relevant details should they desire.


We recommend that you proceed in an order that makes the most sense. Often that is to first establish your visual identity with a logo, related stationary and business cards – we specialize in this! Once you have the content established, we can design a website that will entice your visitors to stay.

Your website will need to appeal to our clients or customers, it will have to create trust through positive perception, and it has to be usable and allow people to quickly find what they were looking for. The more professional your website is, the more traffic you will have and the more success you will achieve from that traffic. Let us know however you need help, we will be glad to be of service!